Manufacturing workshop

Workshops located in France in the Manche (50)

Choosing inflatable games that are certified “Made in France” means choosing quality, a professional service and an excellent after-sales service.

People talkWorkshops located in France near Mount Saint Michel (50).
“We do not use automated machines; instead we have colleagues (of whom some have worked with us since virtually the beginning of the company’s formation) who are amongst the best in the business: without doubt in both quality and price !”


Our standard materials

PVC material 650 g/m2

    • We have available a wide choice of colors for the manufacture of your customized inflatable games.
    • Our material used for inflatables is known for its reliability and strength and made to the highest specifications.
    • All our inflatable games are made with material 650 g/m2 imported from Spain and Great Britain.
    • Our PVC covers are classified to Fire Rating M2.

    Our manufacturing workshops

    Quality Products from C2J Loisirs


    PVC material 650 gr.
    Fire retardant classification M2.


    High quality Polyamide sewing
    threads bought wholesale
    from Britain.


    Anchor rings for
    attaching the structures in
    stainless steel. Made in France.


    Reinforced between
    each mattress strip
    to protect seams.


    Strengthened barriers
    to help protect
    the seams from wear.


    Strong safety nets.
    Classified to Fire Rating M2.

    Made in France.


    Games compliant
    to strict quality standards
    NF EN 14960.


    Hand painted games
    by artists.
    Paint contains no solvent.


    Wholesale waterproof sewing thread Ø
    Specially made for 
    water games.