Wintering Storage Procedure

The season is over !

“Before storing your inflatable games for a long period (e.g. over the winter)
make sure they are dried thoroughly outside and especially inside the bouncy castle.”

Storing the inflatable game when wet can
cause mould and even permanent stains.

First, if the inflatable game contains a large amount of water inside the bouncy castle, you can tilt it backwards to help the flow of water.

  • Remove the water with a bucket, a sponge, a mop or a small shovel.
    If you have a water vacuum cleaner with a long flexible hose, this will make it easier to drain water.

  • Remove all water from the back of the structure.

  • Enter the inflatable game.
    You will find a zipper (or a large sleeve) placed at the back of the inflatable.

  • Close behind you.
    With the sleeve or the zipper.
    Check the pressure is OK and the air flow is restored by ensuring the blower works.

  • Check that there is no more moisture or water puddles in the different corridors of the bouncy castle and the entrance.

  • Allow the inflated structure to dry after removing all the water from the inflatable game
    (4hrs to 6hrs) on fine or hot day, before folding it.

“When you store your equipment for a long time, beware of
rodents that are sometimes tempted to make their nests in inflatables

To prevent this, you can place traps
which kill rats in surrounding area.